#5000 Gyrozen Centrifuge unit

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Low speed centrifuge 416

Max. 4,000 rpm/2,700 g
Max. 4 x 100 ml, 4 microplates, or 32 vacuutaniers
A large assortment of rotors, fixed angle or swing-out with buckets and adaptors to take tubes from micro to 100 mlg
SOFT spin key for gentle acceleration and deceleration
Low Noise level : 52 dB with unique airflow damping and elimination of sample heating
Double layered door construction (ABS/Steel), decreases heat and noise transmission
Automatic recognition and alarms for imbalance, over-speed, and over-hea
Program memory for up to 10 programs
Time controls for timed runs up to 99 minutes or continuous operationg
Bio-Caps Buckets aerosol tight buckets prevents contamination and ensures safety
General laboratory applications, including biological sample separations of cellular materials, blood, urine, sperm etc.
Clinical applications of PRP, PRF, lipid cell separation, stemcell isolation
Low-speed, gentle centrifugation of microbead containing microplate
Gentle, soft spin-down or washing of primary cells & cell line.
Technical Specifications
Max. RPM/RCFFixed angle4,000/2,700 xg
Swing out4,000/2,774 xg
Max. capacityFixed angle16 x 15 ㎖
Swing out4 x 100 ㎖
Time controlTimed < 100 min or continuous
RPM/RCF conversionYes
Noise level (dB)≤ 52
Acc/Dec (sec)≤20 / ≤20
SOFT start/stopYes
Program memory10
Imbalance cut offYes
Safety lid lockYes
Lid drop protectionYes
Automatic door release at completionYes
Power supply (V/Hz)220/50~60 (110V optional)
Power requirement (VA)300
Dimension (W x D x H, mm)375 x 480 x 260
Weight without rotor (Kg)19.5
CE markYes
Cat. No.GZ-416

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