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Easytrode Pregelled Electrodes (Pack of 150) 

Easytrode Pregelled Electrodes (Pack of 150) are designed to make the process of readying a patient for therapy easier. Used mostly for muscle stimulation, these electrodes are pre-gelled and ready to use straight from the package. The porous fabric of each electrode provides the utmost comfort to client’s with sensitive skin. Plus, application is as easy as open and stick on! But the best part is their removal; a process that is oftentimes painful and unpleasant with other electrode brands. These are hypoallergenic and designed to be gentle for ouch-less application and removal. And each electrode comes with a standard snap connector for easy connection to practitioner machines. To apply the Easytrode Pregelled Electrodes (Pack of 150), Physical Therapists and medical professionals must clean the area of adherence beforehand with rubbing alcohol. Allow to air dry, then apply the electrodes. It’s a simple process that eliminates the usual issues of electrotherapy.