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Intelect Legend 4-Channel Combination -

Electrotherapy is the application of electrical stimulation transmitted through the body via electrodes for therapeutic purposes.  With electrotherapy, the current flows through the body from one electrode to the other and causes different physiological reactions, which are determined by the type of current selected, the parameters of the selected current and the output intensity.

Ultrasound is a mechanical stimulus delivered to the body by means of an ultrasound beam emitted out of an applicator. This ultrasound beam is generated in the ultrasound head by means of a crystal and transmitted to the body through the aluminum surface of the head and contact medium. Therapeutic ultrasound has a frequency range between 1 and 3.3 megahertz (MHz).

  • Four standard waveforms on board: Interferential, Premodulated, High Volt and Russian
  • Ergonomic applicator: standard 5cm²
  • Electronic Signature™
  • 1 and 3.3 MHz
  • 10%, 20%, 50% and Continuous Duty Cycle

  • (Sold to healthcare professionals only, or with a prescription from a physician)