Mettler Sonicator® Plus 992, 2 Channel Combo Unit

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CalThe Sonicator Plus 992 is a microprocessor-controlled 2-channel unit that has 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound with 6 different treatment waveforms. With this physical therapy equipment you have the capability of setting up multiple treatments at the same time. Set up to 3 different treatments simultaneously using a different timer for each treatment.

This ultrasound machine/muscle stimulator is easy to use. A dual frequency 5cm2 applicator comes with this combo unit, and additional applicators can be purchased as needed. This is a great addition to any physical therapy equipment stock.


  • Membrane panel is designed for easy parameter selection
  • A variety of applicators can be used with this unit offering 1 and  3 MHz ultrasound
  • Waveforms include interferential, premodulated, medium frequency, symmetrical biphasic, high-volt and microcurrent
  • 60-minute muscle stimulator
  • 30-minute ultrasound or combination therapy
  • Automatic time set when no time is manually set in increments of 30 minutes and 60 minutes
  • Digital timer displays time in minutes and seconds
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