Sonicator Plus 920

Sonicator Plus 920

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The new Sonicator® Plus 920 is a two-channel combination unit for therapeutic ultrasound and muscle stimulation. The microprocessor controlled Sonicator Plus 920 provides interferential (4-pole), premodulated (2-pole interferential), medium frequency (Russian), EMS, high volt, TENS, microcurrent and direct current (DC) waveforms. In addition the Sonicator Plus 920 offers 1 and 3 MHz ultrasound using a dual frequency 5.5 cm² applicator. An optional 0.9 cm² applicator at 1 and 3 MHz is also available.

The two–channel Sonicator Plus 920 allows clinicians to utilize up to two different waveforms using two channels simultaneously. They can choose between several different amplitude modulation options such as the surge, reciprocation and vector sweep. The interferential and premodulated waveforms offer frequency modulation as well as a static frequency options.

The Sonicator Plus provides both a membrane panel and a touch-sensitive screen to allow clinicians to quickly set up treatments. 90 programmable treatment setups allow quick set up of a treatment that is already in the memory.

The Sonicator Plus 920 can provide electrical stimulation only, ultrasound only and combination therapy with the premodulated, TENS, high voltage, microcurrent and DC waveforms. A cart and a carrying case are available to allow clinicians to easily take therapy to their patients.

Weight: 11 pounds, (5 kg)
Dimensions: 4.9 in (H) x 13.6 in (W) x 10.5 in (D), 12.4 cm (H) x 34.5 cm (W) x 26.7 cm (D)
Warranty: 2 years on unit, 1 year on applicator and cable

9201 5.5cm2, 1/3 MHz applicator for the Sonicator Plus 920
9202 0.9cm2, 1/3 MHz applicator for the Sonicator Plus 920
2266 Electrode cable for the Sonicator Plus 920
2267 Optional high volt / DC probe, pin-to-banana adapter and 3 1/2″ x 7″ sponge electrode for the Sonicator Plus 920

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