Viztek 2020 C-DR Digital X-Ray System  Call us for a custom quote!

Viztek 2020 C-DR Digital X-Ray System Call us for a custom quote!

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Viztek 20/20 C-DR

Viztek-20/20-C-DR CMX20/20 Imaging now introduces DR Technology the healthcare  profession! The C-DR sensor directly captures the image data and displays it on a monitor within 10-12 seconds. It is adaptable to most existing grid cabinets with our universal hang-on-adapter or utilizing the optional Trans-Former™ grid cabinet. Experience the enormous clinical and business benefits of direct radiography to your practice with the C-DR. 

Installation / Training

  • Includes all DR System Hardware
  • Includes all Applicable Software
  • Complete install and training provided by our factory trained technicians 
  • End-user To Provide Internet Connection
  • Network cabling (if necessary) needs to be completed by end-user prior to installation
  • Not Responsible for Existing Network


  • Economical CCD Technology
  • Flat Panel Detector requires less space
  • Eliminates darkroom film processing and associated costs (film, chemistry, film processor cleaning/maintenance, film storage)
  • Customized Universal Hang-on sensor adapter
  • Revolutionary designed Trans-Former™ grid cabinet


  • Revolutionary 14x17 CCD Sensor Technology Eliminated Any Type of Cassettes
  • "Point, Click & View" Process produces >100 images processed per hour
  • Sensor Type CCD
  • Customized Grid Channel Used with existing or new grid
  • Active Image Matrix 14” x 17”
  • Sensor Weight 18.75 lbs.
  • Power Supply 110/120 VAC


    • Innovative “Point, Click, & View” Process
    • Cleaner Artifact-Free Data
    • Advanced DICOM Image Processing
    • Viztek 20/20 Image Management Software
    • Viztek analysis and diagnostic software
    • Tools include: Cobb angle and measurements, lumbar curve, markers, George's line, advanced orthogonal, llium analysis. 

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