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Team Medical Group was created to provide healthcare professionals the cutting edge products. TMG is the proud distributor of the Aspen Laser line of products. We also offer healthcare professionals the opportunity to purchase high volume items at substantial discounts. This Innovative Buying strategy requires a membership which allows the Team member access to these discounts. Since it is a member driven model the members have active input as to the brands and products we offer. So if you have not done so already, Join and be part of our Team and buy your medical equipment and supplies with confidence. 

“After years of asking customers to trust us with their clinic needs, I wanted to provide a way to offer an alternative to the purchasing norm in our industry, and to say thank you for that trust you have in us. I can find no better way to fulfill this, than to provide excellent service partnered with membership pricing”. 
Barry Greenleaf, President

Barry Greenleaf, President

Mr. Greenleaf has over 30 years experience in the medical distribution market. Prior to starting Team Medical Group he was the owner of Endeavor Medical, Inc. located in Largo, FL for 18 years. Endeavor Medical was acquired by Empi in 2007, where Mr. Greenleaf became the Southeast Regional Sales Director. After 2 years with Empi Mr. Greenleaf left to pursue other interest, which lead to the formation of Team Medical Group, Inc.

Jeff Gavette, Vice President of Technical Products

Mr. Gavette has over 20 years experience in the medical market. He has experience in equipment operation as well as marketing. This offers a unique blend of expertise to assist our customers in finding the right products and how they fit into today's medical climate. For the past 10 years his focus has been on the training, and use, of therapeutic lasers. Jeff has a great understanding of all types of therapeutic lasers, but also offers an expert advice on running a successful laser program. Before joining Team Medical Group Jeff owned Current Medical Technologies.


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