Blog –Back Pain? Go Wireless

Posted by Julie Malady on 11/27/2012


Just like cell phone technology has catapulted society into the wireless 21st century, so have the innovative thinkers at Hollywog®, a company dedicated to evolving standard medical devices to a new height.  Hollywog® is the manufacturer of the groundbreaking WiTouch™  Wireless  TENS Unit, now making its debut.

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) controls pain through electrical stimulation of the body’s muscles or nerve groups through direct contact with the skin.

It suppresses pain in the nerves and increases the discharge of endorphins – Those chemicals in the brain that transmit electrical signals of euphoria.

And Hollywog® has designed a breakthrough WiTouch™ TENS unit that is completely wireless, completely portable, comfortably fitting the contours of the back.  It can provide all day pain-free relief.  There are over 150 – 30 minute – treatments per battery life.


To individuals who suffer with chronic pain, that can mean no more dealing with messy ointments, uncomfortable pain patches that don’t stay in place or provide relief, or risking a regimen of pain medications that could spell addiction down the road.


The Hollywog® WiTouch™ Wireless TENS Unit works with the capabilities of the human body to heal itself as nature intended, and does it in a wireless environment.  And if that’s not groundbreaking innovation,  what is?