Class IV Lasers – Shedding Light on Pain-Gaining in Popularity

Posted by Julie Malady on 3/6/2012

LASER stands for light amplification stimulated emission of radiation.  It is a form of light therapy which produces a beam of light that is applied over the injured area. Some lasers work on different settings than others and give different results. Some emit continuous single wavelengths, others have dual wavelengths and pulsate.  Class IV lasers are high powered lasers.   Lasers are gaining believers for deep tissue laser therapy to treat chronic and acute conditions as well as post-surgical pain.  It is an easy, non-invasive and fast alternative to surgery.  Penetration depends on the type of tissue and treatment, using the laser at different power settings for various time periods. More power provides better results with neuropathy, spinal stenosis and herniations.

Unlike hot class IV lasers, the Apollo Class IV laser is cool, safe and effective. Apollo has 20 years of scientific and practitioner experience.  Lasers are used to treat soft tissue injuries,  reduce the healing time, and accelerate the resolution time of the inflammatory process.  Biological reactions are triggered in the cells as laser light is absorbed by the tissue.  There is a reduction of pain by producing endorphins- the natural pain healers.  The process suppresses inflammatory enzymes that create pain, swelling and discomfort.  Circulation is increased, which then speeds healing. Learn more about the Apollo Class IV Lasers from the manufacturer at