Nutrition- Science Based

Posted by on 1/22/2019

Nutrition and Good Health


Scientifically backed Nutrition vs Marketing based Nutrition-



 Organic versus Not Organic â?? Seriously Whatâ??s the ...

We all know good nutrition is the foundation for an individuals good health and fitness but have the lines have been blurred by a well-funded Marketing based nutrition. What’s the difference- marketing nutrition tends to build a concept marketed around catchy words such as “organic”, “all natural”, or “free roaming”. Interesting that most of the marketing-based nutrition will never show any nutritional facts to back up their claim their products are more nutritious or healthier for you than another product. Marketing based nutrition has been a profit windfall for grocery stores and grower where they have seen profits rise to 70% on selected items. No one will argue that Marketing based foods don’t taste good or bad for you, but are they really better for you? A serious question for debate…

Whereas science-based nutrition takes into account the actual nutritional value of a particular product. Surprisingly many of the regular products found in your local grocery stores will meet your nutritional goals without breaking the budget. The trick is knowing what to look for- So do yourself a favor and consult with a Registered Dietitian and learn for yourself what is the best source of food to meet your individual goals.