Posted by Julie Malady on 10/27/2011


Rebounders – compact, individual trampolines – have been gaining popularity with their ease of use and portability.

We have always heard the old adage – “A body at rest tends to stay at rest, while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.”

With a rebounder, you not only stay in motion, but you receive a host of physiological and medical benefits while bouncing up and down. Now you have a reason to have as much fun as you had as a kid bouncing on a bed, but you get your health workout at the same time.

As you push off and bounce off, you actually achieve weightlessness, and then as you come back down, your weight doubles. Rebounding is tops in exercise as it relies on acceleration and deceleration and gravity.

It’s a resistance exercise that increases bone mineral density and can strengthen bones and make muscles more flexible.  Bouncing increases the white blood count to fortify the immune system and improve metabolic functions.  It also increases the flow of endorphins – those “feel good chemicals”  that everyone craves.  That also increases blood flow, which stimulates skin and hair to be at their best. One of the most obvious benefits is that bouncing strengthens legs and it strengthens abdominal muscles.

Like embarking on any other form of exercise, check first with your doctor or other health care professional. 

Bounce your way to total fitness and get ready for those holidays!