Posted by Julie Malady on 1/18/2012

It’s no small accident that BIOFREEZE® has been the most trusted and widely used topical pain analgesic in the U.S. for the last 20 years.     BIOFREEZE® scientists have long known that menthol applied to the skin in its enhanced formulation quickly penetrates in a non-greasy and colorless fashion.

 BIOFREEZE® blocks inhibitive nerve perceptions from being sent to the brain, which would otherwise be  associated with pain. It acts as a gatekeeper in the gate control theory of pain.  It binds with pain receptors to release calcium to prevent pain and reduces blood flow.

BIOFREEZE® has been compared to ice, an age old cold cure to reduce pain.  The difference is that BIOFREEZE® works 50% better and faster than ice, and without the unpleasant side effects of stiffness, pain, numbness and skin irritation.

BIOFREEZE® provides targeted pain relief which treats muscle related injuries, sore muscle discomfort in the neck, hip, leg, painful joints and pain with bruising, and arthritis.

The newly formulated BIOFREEZE® is a more natural cold therapy formula.  It is never tested on animals.

So when it’s such a breeze – why trust your pain to anything but BIOFREEZE®?