#TT101L Whitehall TT-101L 12 lb Thermo-Therapy Unit

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Whitehall TT-101L 12 lb Thermo-Therapy Demo Unit (Used just a few times- In New Condition!)

The TT-101L Whitehall 12 lb Thermo-Therapy Unit is designed for use in a small clinic or office, to sit on a table, floor or stand and treat one extremity at a time. The heater is thermostatically-controlled and quickly provides Celstim up to a maximum safety switch-limited 128°F (53.3°C). Treatment time is controlled by a built-in timer, and Celstim temperature is indicated by a digital thermometer.
The unit becomes mobile with optional stand TT-900L or UCH and UCH-2 carts.
The Thermo-Therapy dry heat process offers the same benefits as hydrotherapy without the cleanup. Extremities are inserted into an environment akin to a dry whirlpool, where they are warmly massaged by granulated cellulose called Celstim, which emulates the very pleasant rolling and relaxing effects of water. Within the chamber, heated air swirls the Celstim around the arm or leg, which retains mobility. Extremities experience a stimulating effect that improves circulation. Thermo-Therapy has also been proven to assist greatly in the desensitization of various scars or other types of nerve pain.

Whitehall manufactures three Thermo-Therapy models. All are shipped complete with Celstim and operating instructions.
  • On all models the lower panels can be removed, the blowers quickly slide out for easy service
  • Thermo-Therapy units have a patient protector above the air distributor plate, which eliminates static shock and moderates heat transfer.
  • These units are dual thermostat protected in both the treatment and heater chambers.
*This item is for sale to healthcare professionals or on an order of a licencee physician. 

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