Take the Sting Out of Shots With Iontophoresis

Posted by Julie Malady on 2/15/2012

Iontophoresis is a machine used to apply anti-inflammatory medicines as a substitute for injections. This method was first explored in the l970s.  The process introduced medications in the form of ions through the skin using electricity as a catalyst low volt direct electrical current.


This form of treatment has had success with many conditions, such as  bursitis, arthritis, and it has been known to reduce calcium deposits that build up in muscles due to an injury, among other conditions.  It is best used on superficial tissue, since the ions penetrate only about inch below the skins surface.


Anyone with sensitive skin, however, and elderly patients, need to explore the method prior to putting it into use, as there might be a risk of skin irritation.  On the plus side, people unwilling to submit to the tried-and-true methods of taking shots, and risk of infection there, would benefit if no adverse reactions occur. Leadlock manufactures the Iontophoresis Iontopatch.  Read more about it at www.leadlock.com.  Another form of Iontophoresis is the Chattanooga Optima, found at www.chattgroup.com