The Healing World of Sombra Gel

Posted by Julie Malady on 10/19/2011
Since 1975, Sombra Gel has been producing environmentally friendly soothing pain relieving lotions and gels.  Their products have been relieving basic aches and pains, back aches, stiff joints, sore muscles, arthritic pain, and other chronic conditions.  Sombra Gel is one of the leading topical analgesics on the market today.  The pain relief gel is used by chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists to provide lasting pain relief.

Sombra Gel is composed of a special blend of six carefully selected botanical extracts, combined with menthol, capsaicin and witch hazel.  These extracts, when combined, act to detoxify sore joints and muscles, and arthritic pain and inflammation.

Sombra Gel works on contact and contains no waxes, oils, chemicals or artificial colors, and is not tested on animals.  Some of the gels have a pleasant citrus scent, while those used for purposes of ultrasound are clear, and highly conductive for ultrasound transmission.

So for life's aches and pains, just know that you have a friend in Sombra Gel!