Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Is The Key To Fast and Total Fitness

Posted by Julie Malady on 1/10/2012

Whole Body Vibration had its earliest beginnings with Swedish gymnast, physician, inventor Gustav Zander, and with Dr. John Kellog back in the early 1900s, with rhythmic neuro-muscular stimulation.  It then found its niche with the Space Program of the 1960s fighting zero gravity and simulating weight-bearing loads for the astronauts.  Skip to today, and ithas come into  vogue being used for training and rehabilitation.  It is  becoming the hottest piece of home gym equipment,  and has been elevated to celebrity status by personalities such as Madonna, and the Manchester United Football team.

While most work outs are low impact and require up to an hour or more of stress-bearing exercise, balance plates and vibration plates provide rapid oscillating movements that give the quickest bang for the buck. Whole Body Vibration platforms have motors that  can be set at varying speeds, and since the platform moves so rapidly,  it causes the muscles to expand and contract, and all the body tissues react to the vibration. A slower speed aids in weight loss, and a higher vibration helps to tone muscles.  Great benefits are that blood flow increases, oxygen circulates more efficiently, bone density is increased, and the body detoxifies.  The lymphatic system drains, balance is restored and circulation throughout the body improves dramatically.  It also lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Think of it as a micro earthquake within your body.  It sends shock waves to your core  improving every aspect of  your living and breathing cells.  Chiropractors are now using balance and vibration plates in rehabilitation to strengthen muscles without causing joint and ligament strain.

Check with your doctor or other health care provider before embarking on any rigorous form of exercise.