Why Do People use your services?

Posted by on 8/8/2011
When you open a clinic most have a clear understanding of what they want to achieve with their services. What they sometimes don't have a clear understanding of, is what the consumer is looking for. In the medical field this changes somewhat, since you are dealing with patients that don't always spend the same time defining their needs, as they do when searching for other products or services. So, what makes a patient choose your clinic over another clinic. Most of the time it is either your location, or your reputation. That becomes the challenge of many new facilities...how do I market myself and build a great reputation? There are several ways to do this and there are many experts that willing to provide you with advice, but there are some simple  ways to help speed up the process without breaking the bank. First, you must make a great 1st impression. This includes someone to welcome everyone that comes through the door with a smile and a warm welcome. The area in the front must be clean. A first impression will go a long way in getting word of mouth referrals. Also, getting your name out in the community by being visible at local functions is always a good thing to do. People like going to clinics where they feel like they have a connection with the people there. So be friendly, you just may find out a smile makes the day go by faster